Fräsch is a furniture manufacturer focused on the intersection of design, value and wellness, offering fresh solutions to enhance your workspace.


Scandinavian design and European influence meets American innovation.

We are bold, fresh and edgy with a tech feel, and appreciation for the environment. What separates Fräsch furniture from much of contemporary design furniture is our funky flare and the value we offer.

The work of Fräsch is conceived and executed at an extraordinarily high level of aesthetic and engineering detail. The products are innovative and original. There is a fresh spirit to our furniture, but the character of each piece is grounded firmly in the principles of classic modern design, simplicity and timelessness.

Fräsch offers beautiful, functional and carefully curated office furniture solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurial organizations.

About Us

How It Started

Co-founders Slavi and Gary were tired of marching to the beat of a common corporate drum and they saw an opportunity to offer better products, and a greater value – so they quit their day jobs and took the leap!

When you buy from Frasch, you can count on three important promises. One, every piece of furniture we produce is made from quality components and designed to perform. Two, our value is unparalleled. You can certainly find more expensive office furniture, and there are always cheaper options – we’re “just right” for small businesses who want a balance. Third, if something’s not right, jut call us, we’ll make it right.

Ahh! The exact furniture you need, with the look you want. Frasch makes your work place feel happier!

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become a thought leader in office furniture design solutions for small businesses. When a small business thinks about expanding, relocating or remodeling, we want them to think of Fräsch for furniture. Ikea is great for residential consumers, commercial furniture dealers are great for larger commercial businesses, and we want to be great for small businesses!

Our Mission

We get up every day, excited to offer our clients valuable, turnkey office furniture solutions that are well-coordinated, functional, full of value and ready for use. Our clients love working with us because we make it easy to quickly deploy new workstation kits and acoustic solutions.

Give us a call today – we’re ready to help transform your office and help your team be their best.