Acoustic tiles with optimal sound absorption by Fräsch
acoustical panel

CUBISM acoustic tiles draw inspiration from origami

PET acoustical felt is nothing if it’s not versatile; it can be cut, shaped, printed, and molded. Add to that the available colors (or the option for paint) and the visual possibilities are endless!

However, one of the bigger challenges of working with PET has been creating three-dimensional geometry with the material. You can mold it but the process of molding compresses the felt, which degrades its ability to absorb sound.

And sound absorption, after all, is why we’re all here.

Life Imitating Artform

Then, like a freaking lightbulb, it clicked for Gary Nightingale, cofounder and head-honcho designer at Fräsch.


Origami is arguably the OG of taking something flat and creating something sculptural, intricate and beautiful. While the PET felt in its original form is too thick to fold in its original state, it can be semi cut in a way that makes folding possible, thus creating forms that are sculptural, intricate and beautiful – just like the origami that inspired them. And so the CUBISM series was born.

Now, instead of working with compressed material that has a diminished NRC rating, the forms create a hollow cavity that increases the NRC rating. The hollow cavity operates as a bit of a sound wave trap, giving the forms an NRC rating between .70 and .95 (depending on the particular shape).

Form Meets Function

The 3-D forms also solve another pain point for acoustical wall applications: installation. Typical installation for acoustic tiles is by gluing the application on the wall. The process is slow and meticulous; if you make a mistake, removing the tile to move it is the last resort.

Another innovation that’s the first of its kind in the marketplace is Nightingale’s patent-pending Secret Trap Door (or as we like to call it – the STD).

By incorporating 3 cuts to form a “door” in the acoustic tiles, installers can open the STD, screw the form into place, and then shut the door. Once the STD closes, the cut in the material cannot be seen.

CUBISM acoustic tiles come in four shapes – PYRA, POLY, CLIF and PILO – to create a bold statement in any space. Each panel can also be twisted to create different wall patterns. Add to that a robust color palette that can be mixed and matched and the possibilities only stop with the imagination!

Interested in learning more about CUBISM? Join our webinar on November 5 or November 12! Register for the CUBISM webinar.

If you’re looking to add some color and dimension to your acoustic design, give us a shout! We’d love to collaborate on any project.

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Room with brown wavy wall and table to right


CLIF creates bold geometry reminiscent of wind-swept cliffsides.

NRC Rating | .95


Pilo’s soft curves can be oriented as a column, as bricks, or a herringbone configuration.

NRC Rating | .85

Room two green wavy walls and white chairs


Pyra utilizes an equilateral pyramid, creating a unique, geometric effect.


Lobby with 3 big lights hanging above counter


Poly provides sharp angles that can be oriented in any number of ways.

NRC Rating | .95

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