Ready to get the 4-1-1 on our latest innovation, FAZR? Previewed at AWCI and CISCA in March, based on preliminary response the product will be an industry disruptor in the best way possible for the A+D world. We sat down with Frasch Founder and President Gary Nightingale to learn more about this awesome acoustic innovation.  

Where did the name FAZR come from?

Once the initial mock-up was done and I looked up, I saw all of these cool straight linear lines and the lights were kind of scattered throughout. Im a sci -fi nerd and it reminded me of guns that shoot laser beams and the pew pew” sound. We like to be a little creative even with our product names. 

What are your goals for FAZR? Where do you see it being installed?

We're really good at what we call “tonnage products.” So we like making products that can cover a vast amount of square footage. We consider FAZR to be a superior tonnage product. I see it doing exceptionally well in schools, airports, conference centers, transit facilities, lobbies. It’s generally appropriate for commercial applications.  

How does FAZR work with Rockfon® materials?

FAZR’s patent-pending design locks PET slats into the double-hooked Rockfon® metal carrier for secure, stable, and impact-proof ceiling coverage. Rockfon® carrier components are stocked at Fräsch: 12-foot symmetrical carrier, 24”/36”/50” stabilizer bar, and the carrier splice. Metal trim is available from Rockfon® for an exposed perimeter. 

Why should architects and designers choose FAZR?

It’s a perfect combination with the PET solutions we’re known for that offer elevated aesthetics along and Rockfon® components. The visual created by FAZR is a design-forward alternative to the traditional tile-like T-grid ceiling.  

It’s also incredibly easy to install, which helps with time, budget, and overall convenience on a job. Very little training to become familiar with the installation is required. Plus, the patented hook & lock design for above-plenum accessibility offered by FAZR's removable individual slats helps with installation and maintenance. Field cuts can be made using off-the-shelf tools (like a jig saw with a non-serrated blade, speed square, straight edge, circle template, or utility knife) for ceiling obstacles such as sprinklers, vents, lights, and audio components. 

Are there any design limitations when ordering FAZR?

Not at all! The PET components are offered in all 36 colors from our catalog as well as printed wood grain. Dovetail filler slats can be added for a flat plane closed plenum ceiling or left off for an open look. PET slats can also be pattern-cut for a customized look. Superior acoustical performance ratings of NRC 0.9 with the filler slats and NRC 0.7 without the slats provide a clean linear look with excellent functionality and accessibility. 

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