Fräsch announces the release of Linyfelt, a new ceiling and wall acoustical application

Fräsch, an innovative acoustical design company specializing in sustainable acoustical solutions, announced today the launch of a new acoustical application that is both beautiful and easy to install on both ceilings and walls.

Linyfelt is a new acoustical product with a contemporary design aesthetic and endless customization options. Each 9mm folded strip comes in 8 ft lengths, 34 different colors and is easily field modified. Linyfelt heights are also variable, providing the opportunity to mix and match heights as well as colors for a unique look. Fräsch’s proprietary spike bracket makes installation a breeze; simply install the brackets into any existing Unistrut and slide the pieces in.

“Linyfelt was designed to be an easy yet customizable solution for either retrofitting or new builds,” says Gary Nightingale, CoFounder and Head Designer at Fräsch. “We further added functionality by incorporating the ability to carry the design from the ceiling down the wall, adding even more square footage of acoustical materials for exceptional sound-absorption.”

Fräsch will be hosting a few webinars featuring the easy installation and different applications of Linyfelt. Please check their website for times and details.

About Fräsch

Fräsch is an innovative acoustical design company that designs and manufactures sustainable acoustical solutions that enhance the visual style of any space. Solutions include acoustical baffles, lighting, wall treatments space dividers and accessories. Fräsch is a subsidiary of Catalyst Acoustics Group.

About Catalyst Acoustics Group

Catalyst Acoustics Group is the parent company of an elite group of acoustic, seismic, vibration and noise control companies that together, offer the broadest portfolio of noise control solutions in the market today. The independent brands, channels to market, products and services offered by each business remain unique while leveraging the scale, deep functional expertise, broad channel reach and significant financial resources.

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