If Walls Could Talk, They’d Ask For Fräsch

Walls often get a bad rap.

When someone is backed into a corner, they find themselves in an unpleasant situation. If someone is labeled a wallflower, it’s because they’re seen as being anti-social. We’d argue that these connotations need a reboot. With the right wall application, walls can take center stage and be the subject of positive, complimentary conversation.

At Fräsch, we balance acoustics and aesthetics in our designs. This blog, however, is only going to focus on the latter.


Molded, Architecture

You’ll have good vibes only with Vibe architectural wall panels. There are three patterns to choose from: Nami, Sway and Clif.

Go Angular

Hex, 3D Hex, Diamond, Triangle and Gear Wall add depth and whimsy to a room with their interesting shapes.

Woodgrain PET

In response to the rise in demand for products that support biophilic design, we’re proud to offer rich and natural PET color choices.

New Printed Colors
New Printed Colors

Get Building

Inspired by what you’ve seen? Try out our Wall Builder Tool, a way to “try us on for size”. Or, are you looking for something a little more…you? Check out our custom printing options.

Have questions along the way? Give us a shout! We’re happy to help!

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