Sustainable Solutions from Fräsch

Sustainable Solutions from Fräsch

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. For us, this isn’t just a catchy slogan. This belief and actions are at the core of our business and something we take seriously. Afterall, all our felt products are the result of recycling, and are, themselves, 100% recyclable.

At Fräsch, we firmly believe that great design and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Innovative design forces us to think about the big picture and keeping sustainability top of mind inherently inspires our design choices. All of our acoustical solutions are made with PET felt containing 55% post-consumer recycled content.

While PET is a ‘shining star’ of sustainable materials and something we incorporate into each of our products, using it in our designs is but one way we are demonstrating our commitment to ‘going green.’


Reimagining Designs:

Whenever possible, we’re reimaging our designs to remove wood as a way to decrease our environmental impact. An added benefit, of course, are lighter products that are even easier to install—a win-win!

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Minimizing Waste:

We use material drop-offs to produce samples of our products, rather than requiring additional materials to be processed, shipped and stored at our facility. Because colors of product samples vary depending on what felt we have on hand, we also offer color swatch samples to give a sense of how the Fräsch design would look in your space. There’s no telling the overall impact of this move, but it’s one we are especially proud of.

In addition, all of our acoustical applications are manufactured in the USA. We further strive to reduce our carbon footprint by offering acoustical solutions that ship flat whenever possible.

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Sustainability Product & Building Certifications

We are LEED, REACH, Declare and Green Building certified as well as Red List Free and RoHS Compliant. Use of our acoustical solutions can even help contribute to sustainably certified projects by helping earn LEED points.

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It Really IS Easy Being Green

Interested in learning more about PET or our products, our commitment to sustainability or how we can contribute to your own environmental goals? Feel free to reach out. We’ll be happy to discuss ways to help you go green.

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