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Frasch TED Talk Ways Sound Affect Us
A TED Talk by Julian Treasure on the ways sound affects us.

TED Talk on Acoustics

At Frasch we strongly believe that sound and acoustics can play a strong role in the overall design and appeal of an office work space. While the visual and tactile design of a space are virtually impossible to overlook, somehow, very often the acoustics of offices are forgotten, or perhaps given a half-hearted after thought. In the age of the open office, with square footage per employee plummeting, and any form of privacy virtually non-existent, a little peace and quiet can be extremely valuable. Studies have shown that distraction is a very real, hidden cost – as much 86 minutes per day, per employee, simply from noise and conversational distractions, according to a 2013 study by the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

So, what to do? The open office is clearly not going away. How can we bring back much needed focus for employees who are suffering from noise distraction? Here’s four ways sound distracts us, and some solutions, a fascinating TED Talk worth a listen.

Frasch and its sister company, Stille Acoustics, work to improve the acoustics of offices, schools and other open spaces through beautiful, thoughtfully designed, acoustic panels and modular acoustical furniture. Click to browse a few of our acoustical products:

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