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Current Openings


We are looking for a highly creative Director of Product Design that is looking to work in deeply customazible field; capable of both hands-on and CAD / prototyping; as well as product strategy within the architectural interiors industries. This is a high growth opportunity with a rapidly expanding, dynamic organization.


  •  Conceptual and detailed skills with a passion for object and system product designs.
  • Background in either/all acoustics, wall & ceiling applications, space division, furniture, or lighting.
  • Proficient CAD experience in Solidworks and/or Rhino.
  • Understanding of New Product Development Process and Design for Manufacturing.
  • Experience working in a CAD driven manufacturing environment.
  • Working in a team collaboration environment as a lead for designers and working hand in hand with operations and marketing.
  • Able to analyze competitor and industry products to determine future standard product designs.
  • Able to work with inside sales team and engineering to execute architectural concept designs into finished manufactured, installable systems products.
  • Blended background and proficiency in Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, and Architectural Products.
  • Good communicator of ideas, design intent, and product presentation.
  • Superb 3D spatial ability and reasoning.


  • 12 years of design experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design or Mechanical Engineerin
  • Must speak and write English proficiently. Other languages helpful.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become a thought leader in office furniture design solutions for small businesses. When a small business thinks about expanding, relocating or remodeling, we want them to think of Fräsch for furniture. Ikea is great for residential consumers, commercial furniture dealers are great for larger commercial businesses, and we want to be great for small businesses!

Our Mission

We get up every day, excited to offer our clients valuable, turnkey office furniture solutions that are well-coordinated, functional, full of value and ready for use. Our clients love working with us because we make it easy to quickly deploy new workstation kits and acoustic solutions.