Acoustical Ceiling Baffle

BLADE BAFL is similar to our classic BAFL but designed with one continuous piece of felt, allowing for flush edging on the sides. BLADE BAFL provides superior, high-efficiency sound absorption while maintaining a contemporary, streamlined look. The interior air cavity provides exceptional sound absorption. Comes in three lengths or can be made to accommodate custom dimensions.

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Installation Made Easy

In just a few easy steps, you can create a unique and elegant acoustical ceiling installation with our line of felt ceiling baffles.


Weight | 4 – 8 lbs
Length | 48″, 72″, 95″
Width | 2.71″, 1.5"
Height | 11.8″, 10"


Installation requires minimal assembly of PET and suspension hardware. Mounting point positions are adjustable. See the complete BAFL installation instructions for details.


(quantities based on configuration)

– Aircraft Cable/Threaded Rod
– Flat Bracket
– Grip Lock

– Aircraft Cable/Threaded Rod
– Flat Bracket
– Grip Lock
– Coupler Nut
– Nylon Cone Nut

Drop Ceiling
– Aircraft Cable/Threaded Rod
– Flat Bracket
– Grip Lock
– Coupler Nut
– T-Grid Caddy Clip

Material Specifications


100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
55% Recycled Content

Sound and Fire Ratings

Sound Absorption | ASTM C423
NRC | 1.10
Fire Rating | ASTM E-84, Class A
CAN/ULC S102 Test | Available Here
Acoustic Test Report | Available Here

Environmental Factors

100% Recyclable
Low VOC Emissions | ASTM D5116

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