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Our expanded and refreshed color options provide you, as an interior designer or architect, with a greater selection of acoustical ceiling and wall products for aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions. Our wide range of hues can match your designs, branding and themes to help you achieve the emotional effects you want your spaces to emulate.

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New Colors
100% PET(polyester) Felt board

100% PET

Frasch products are made with 100% PET(polyester) Felt board, which is highly sound absorbing and has become a standard for aesthetic acoustical architectural elements. PET’s stranded fiber combination of recycled and virgin material is mixed and needle punched to create the color, thickness and density of our curated swatch palette.

9mm Colors

Introducing our refreshed palette of 9mm PET felt colors, where vibrancy and tranquility converge to open up a world of imaginative possibilities. Explore a spectrum that seamlessly blends diverse and harmonious tones, offering endless inspiration for all environments.


Immerse yourself in the intricacies of wood-inspired textures with our WoodPrint collection. Our advanced digital printing on felt ensures a lifelike grain without any noticeable repetition and is nearly identical in appearance to traditional wood finishes.

12MM Colors

30% thicker than our 9mm, our 12mm PET provides an optimal acoustic experience. This collection comes in over 20 color variations and will give any surface the aesthetics it needs. Despite the increase in thickness, the flexibility is similar to our standard panels, providing abundant design opportunities for those seeking both form and function.


Colors in our Heritage Collection are currently being phased out. All previously specified projects will be honored. New orders will be fulfilled if inventory allows. Contact us to check availability.

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