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Modesty Privacy Panel

The DIVI family of desk dividers is suited for every style of work space environment, including home office, corporate open concept, call centers, and education spaces. DIVI privacy dividers are made of highly sound absorbing PET felt that is aesthetically pleasing while meeting CDC guide- lines for cleaning and disinfecting. Each style of divider is designed to be lightweight but also withstands commercial wear and tear. Assembly and installation is a breeze with minimal exposed hardware or any desktop damage.

Product Specifications

Assembled Measurements

Application | Desk Mounted
Product Weight | 1.16 lbs. /ft2
Widths | 48″, 60″, 72″
Heights | 24″, 30″
Depth | 1.5″
Hardware | Right and left side brackets to be attached to a bottom of a tabletop, and two mounting plates to be attached to the panel.

Product Build

Country of Origin | USA
Material | PET

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Material Specifications


100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
55% Recycled Content

Sound and Fire Ratings

Sound Absorption | ASTM C423 – .75 NRC
Fire rating | ASTM E-84, Class A

Environmental Factors

100% Recyclable
Low VOC Emissions | ASTM D5116

Available Colors

PET Felt Fella Colors | 9mm

SofTouch Colors