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GEAR Lighting

Versatile acoustical tiles

GEAR is a modular acoustical element that is a series of interlocking 3D hex blocks which can be applied to the wall, ceiling, and combined with lighting.  Its versatile hollow cavities provide an average NRC rating of 0.8 and can be nested together like gears meshing.  Each module can be easily attached with a screw to the wall using an innovative front access hatch that blends into the shape when closed creating a distinct wall pattern while improving the acoustical sound absorption of a room.  A chandelier pendant can be created by assembling 6 GEAR pieces together while varying the height of each piece creates different ceiling baffle applications both horizontal and vertical.  The GEAR also has an integrated speaker option to blend in a Bluetooth speaker within the tessellated pattern.

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Product Specifications

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Material Specifications

Sound and Fire Ratings

Sound Absorption | ASTM C423 – .75 NRC Rating
Fire Rating | ASTM E-84, Class A


100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
55% Recycled Content

Environmental Factors

100% Recyclable
Low VOC Emissions | ASTM D5116

Available Colors

PET Felt Fella Colors | 9mm