Gartner, Inc.

BRIK – Acoustical Wall Treatments

This office building was struggling with echos as well as sound transmission between the offices and conference rooms. We created beautiful accent walls with 9mm chamfered brick pattern.
Orange BRIK - PET felt acoustical wall treatment by frasch
Panl - PET felt acoustical dividers by frasch

Sun Holding, Inc.

PANL – Acoustical Lasercut Divider Screens

This spacious open design with high ceilings and hard flooring needed sound absorption and space division without impeding the flow and openness of the space.

Texas Specialty Sand

BAFL – Acoustical Ceiling Baffles

This high energy trading floor looks impressive but it also creates a lot of unwanted noise and interruptions.
BAFL - PET Felt Ceiling Baffles by Frasch
Acou-Glas PET Felt Acoustical Wall Coverage by Frasch Stille

Eagle Material, Inc.

ACOU-GLAS – Custom Acoustical Solution

Beautiful glass-enclosed conference rooms make for an impactful design but unfortunately lead to problematic acoustics.