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Eagle Material, Inc.

ACOU-GLAS – Custom Acoustical Solution

Beautiful glass-enclosed conference rooms make for an impactful design but unfortunately lead to problematic acoustics. By adding BRIK on the AV-walls and adding Acou-Glas*, a custom-only acoustical solution in which the material adheres directly to the glass, we were able to preserve the design elements of the space while dramatically improving acoustics.

*Acou-Glas is available by custom order only. For inquiries, please reach out through our quote form.


Location | Dallas, Texas
Specifier | Benson Hlavaty Architects
General Contractor | Belfour Betty
Product | Custom Acou-Glas, BRIK Wall, Hex Wall
Felt Color | 36 Berry Red, 11 Steel, 03 Light Gray, 29 Red Wine, 17 Dark Gray