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Lonestar Electric


Lonestar Electric is an electrical distributor in Texas that specializes in advanced lighting systems, lighting controls, switchgear, energy code-compliant solutions and associated equipment and services.

They recently renovated one of their warehouses into office space, which provided a large footprint and open floor plan for offices. The original warehouse had tall ceilings that they chose to leave exposed to keep a pleasing open aesthetic. The high ceilings, however,presented the problem of excessive reverberation. Even individual offices with relatively small square footage had exceedingly tall ceilings, yielding an uncomfortable echo that was additionally audible to clients and business associates employees spoke with on the phone.

To minimize the reverberation throughout the facility, Lonestar Electric consulted with Fräschto incorporate sound-absorbing acoustical applications.

Fräsch utilized a combination of acoustical elements to create a much more palatable soundscape, including BAFL traditional baffles, FENS sound-absorbing room dividers and BRIK 2.0 wall tiles. They further decided to create unique wall pieces by choosing the Printed PET option as acoustical art to hang on the walls. Each acoustical element is made of high-performing sound-absorbing PET felt, providing excellent sound absorption to each space.

As a result, Lonestar Electric’s Dallas office maintained that airy, open floor plan while improving speech intelligibility in individual offices, a conference room and the expansive coworking area.


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