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Acoustical Ceiling Baffle

WAFL BAFL is an acoustical ceiling fixture that provides a diagonal shape and dimension to an exposed industrial or gypsum ceiling.  Each 4’x4’ pre-assembled module is easily attached to a Unistrut channel or into decking using aircraft cable and then fastens together to make a repeatable waffle grid. The unique folded felt pattern gives the lightweight shape rigidity and thickness while the material and geometry provide excellent NRC performance.  The WAFL baffle also has an option to accept a 4’ linear LED light that creates a direct downlight with the appearance of an indirect illuminated glow.

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Assembled Dimensions

Length | 47″
Width | 47″
Height | 12’’

Weight | 16 lbs

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Material Specifications


9mm PET manufactured with 55% post-consumer recycled content. Designed with center airgaps for best performance.
Russian Birch Plywood

Sound and Fire Ratings

Sound Absorption | ASTM C423
NRC Rating | 1.25
Fire Rating | ASTM E-84, Class A

Environmental Factors

100% recyclable
Low VOC Emissions | ASTM D5116

Available Colors

PET Felt Colors | 9m